Who are we ?

Caroline Lopez

Caroline, 25, designer

Curious and having a great sense of the challenge, I’m looking forward to this round-the-world trip with lots of excitement. Going each time from surprises to discoveries, moving ahead by our own energy at the best speed to contemplate without ever get bored.

First graduated as a space and furniture designer, my fascination for cuisine brought me to specialize in food design.  

Food design is a creative activity dedicated to food in the broad sense. It questions shape, use, economy and cultural concepts. It applies directly to food or objects and events related to scenography, packaging, tableware…

This round-the-world trip is for me a culinary broad range of possible. Limited equipment, different climate, lanscapes, cultures and traditions are many factors that impacts the traveller’s meals.

So, during this trip, I will be leading a special food design project named Cuisin’ situ. It comes down to experience an adventurer, spontaneous cooking and even kitchens, experiencing nomadic lifestyles and local food traditions.



Anthony Laguerre

Anthony, 31

I’ m Anthony ! In my former life I was a mechanical engineer. The guy in hurry all the time, beaming in my job but always with the desire to go a little further, a little faster.

I always had in the back of my mind the wanderlust. To achieve this initiatory journey that would allow me to really take the time to answer all these questions I ask myself.

Eventually I expect little of this trip, I’m just waiting to have a little time to think. You know, to finally take the time to think about the problems that still remain unanswered. Cope to the wall of my intellectual procrastination.

I hope also it will be an opportunity to take the time to read all those books that made me want to.

Knowing that this trip would be an opportunity to communicate, I have thought about what I wanted to tell the world. It’s not the most obvious question, but it is interesting to answer it.

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