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The other reality of the trip

For already 3 days, I’m laying at the bottom of the hotel bed, in a charmless Chinese city. The cause : an umpteenth food poisoning. Caroline is killing time by updating the blog.

Please read here the description of the other side of our everyday life ; when the light of touching meetings and the wonderful lively times disappear and the other reality of the trip submits the man on transit. Continue reading

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Tips and tricks

As explained in « why travelling by Brompton », after 3 month travelling by bus, train, hitchiking, boat, and, of course, Brompton bicycle, we are still pleased of its modularity. In this post, I explain our customisations, technical tips, and other helpful things which benefit us all in our everyday lives.

Update of this post after our come back in France

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The departure

With our friends, our relatives and our family to say “see you in 400 days”.

It was so moving to feel the shared pleasure, kindness, generosity, enthusiasm and questioning around this trip. Continue reading

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