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Extract of conversation between Caroline and Anthony on Macedonian roads.

« What day is today?

Friday, no?

Hum, are you sure? Because shops are closed, I think we are rather Sunday.

Oh yes, I called my mother on friday and it must be two days ago. » 

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Albania : road is a big party!

I feel like the trip is starting today. My apprehension is disproportionate compared with everything I felt until this day. We haven’t seen anything yet but we heard so much about it.

It’s a kind of horror movie where we would be hearing from the monster without seing it. For sure, it would be more terrifying. Undrinkable tap water, roads not maintained, unsafe driving, poverty – so, necessary – robbery…

First stress. Lot of questions in my head. Hard to answer all of it.

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We are staying in Buljarice waiting for the rain stops. We are moving on very slowly since few days. The storm is threatening more and more. For sure, if it breaks out, our rain equipment won’t be enough efficient. So, because we must go on, we decide to ride those 18 km under light rain. The goal is to cross these mountains that separate us from Albania. Continue reading

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