Why this trip ?

Why the travel and why by bicycle ?

I think everything is decision, everything is a choice.

When we took the decision to travel for the first time by bike, four years ago, we were immersed in the perusal of a bikes catalog. At this moment, our concerns were:

1. What are we going to make during our vacation?

2. These bikes are such nice…

In short, as a kind of intellectual fire pot, began to boil. And the idea – as simple as a switch – was imposed to me: I’m going to travel by bicycle.

Here’s how I decided to give me a bike and go to Scotland.

This trip was awesome. With my bike as the only means of transport, a summary route on a map, evening stage as the only goal of the day and the sheer force of my will. A trip outside, inside this space that has been long awaited, so desired. When the distance from a web page or a simple car window is ruptured and gives us the impression of being part of this elsewhere. Become part of the object of our desire.

Full immersed in the intoxication of freedom. To understand that my pleasure was in the act of achieving what we should do. Although often, pain, fatigue and mosquitoes took over, this do not weaken the powerful impression of freedom, immense joy. Intensely despairing and sometimes incredibly joyful often this expedition was a fine introduction to the search for self through the travel.

In short, in return my first desire was to get away again, and with Caroline. Leave, but where? And for how long? Thumbing travel blogs, websites and other cycling forum globetrotters, we refine an idea that seems simple to us ex-post, but that was unthinkable before. The crazy idea, or rather the decision to do an around the world trip by bicycle.

Always so simple once you jump ahead. The whole thing is to want and to be optimistic enough to not see the wall of problems who oppose.

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