400 jours - Népal - Kulekanie - Hétauda (22 sur 32)

Nepal, a big jump into another world

Istanbul-Katmandu. From the gates of Asia to the heart of the continent.

It is a tough blow. Jet lag. Climate and cultural shock. First big jump since the beginning of the trip. We truly regret the comfort of discovering a new culture, little by little, on the road.

We stop 30 minutes in front of the airport to fix the parts we took off for the flight and reinflate our tyres. In few seconds, about 20 nepalese guys arrive, surround us and stare at us. First « white watching »* experience. Some people talked us about this funny attraction of the Asiatics on western people. For the first time, people is watching us not only for our weird bicycles but for our weird faces.

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400 jours -  départ Bircan - plus clair (1 sur 1)

Turkey, polar cold and human heat

(December, 23th – January 14th)

We got Turkey the day before Christmas. We celebrated it next to Marmaris, wildly, by the fire.

Fortunately, Cuisin’situ was here to make this day more special than other.


We experienced first big cold on the Turkish roads. Snow, front north wind, iced roads, iced water in the bottles. By contrast, an incredible human heat cheered us up all along the way.

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Route de Crète

Greece and its islands

november, 30th – december, 23th)

Greece was the last part of Europe we crossed.

Relaxing break at Thermopylae hot springs. Then, we visited Eubee island where Caroline cooked a bream in natural hot water!


We stopped for few days in Athens and lived the genuine greek way of life thanks to our lovely Georges!

Then, we took a ferry to Creta and met Apostolis and his family who hosted us with lot of kindness in Heraklion. Finally, we got Rhodes island, our springboard to Turkey!

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24.11.14 Bulquize - Albanie

Albania : road is a big party!

I feel like the trip is starting today. My apprehension is disproportionate compared with everything I felt until this day. We haven’t seen anything yet but we heard so much about it.

It’s a kind of horror movie where we would be hearing from the monster without seing it. For sure, it would be more terrifying. Undrinkable tap water, roads not maintained, unsafe driving, poverty – so, necessary – robbery…

First stress. Lot of questions in my head. Hard to answer all of it.

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04.11.14  Maison typique Croate (i.e. en construction) - entre Sveti Juraj et Karlobag - Croatie

45 days, already!

45 days on the road, already more than 1/10 of the trip!

After Italy, we crossed a small part of Slovenia, Croatia, a small part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia again and then Montenegro from where we are writing these words. If weather is nice, we’ll be moving towards Albania, leaving sweet adriatic atmosphere to explore Balkan territories.

During those 45 days, we set the logistics of the trip up : locking bags on the bike, stuffs organization (accessibility of most importants things like rain covers, storage of food…) management of dirty or wet clothes, drawing our route, finding a place to sleep next night. The great news is that we had no mechanical problem except two punctures bot normal for such an intensive use. Our Brompton are staying the course!

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Italy, or the awakening of everydayness

In the morning, when we’re finally ready, it’s almost 10 am. I look under the bed, I check that nothing was left plugged and I have a look for the last time in the bathroom. Bikes are unfolded, we fix the backpacks, one strap to the top for stability, one strap at the bottom for accessibility. We put our helmets on and jump on our bikes for this new day. One more time, we are taking the road to this elsewhere.

In the morning, i’m always the first and Caroline, not very far away behind. We follow each other in the noise of the city. We often start the day leaving the city where we slept in. We discover its other side by the light of day.

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