25.11.14 Lac d'Ohrid - Macédoine


Extract of conversation between Caroline and Anthony on Macedonian roads.

« What day is today?

Friday, no?

Hum, are you sure? Because shops are closed, I think we are rather Sunday.

Oh yes, I called my mother on friday and it must be two days ago. » 

It does two month we left and it’s very disturbing to remember our life before departure. Very blur, very far. We are totally disconnected from our recent past. Work, coffee breaks, hiking, skiing, holidays, Sunday evenings, trip preparations, round-trips to Montpellier, highway, driving, salad dressing with mustard, good wine, our bathroom, neighbors, Penchak curse, everything seems to be so far from today that it’s sometimes hard to remember. I know it can be show-off to say that « see how my new life is wonderful ». Not, it’s not really this. No. When I remember all of this I often feel a certain nostalgia. I feel like everything started on 4 October. Before it was… how to say, it was a new life. I’m not the same. As Fergusson in his balloon, I’m looking from top my foggy past, my previous life. I rediscover it trying to remember.


25.11.14 Débar - Macédoine
25.11.14 Debar – Macedonia
25.11.14 Dzhepishte - Macédoine
25.11.14 Dzhepishte – Macedonia
25.11.14 Vallée de Globochica - Macédoine
25.11.14 Globochica valley – Macedonia
25.11.14 Le stop dans la froide vallée de Globochica - Macédoine
25.11.14  Hitchhiking in the frozen Globochica valley – Macedonia
25.11.14 Le joli camion jaune de Basim qui nous a pris à bord pour une trentaine de km - Macédoine
25.11.14 The pretty yellow truck of Basim who took us on board for thirty miles – Macedonia


25.11.14 Lac d'Ohrid - Macédoine
25.11.14 Ohrid lac – Macedonia
26.11.14 Pendant le drame- Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Barber shop – Ohrid – Macedonia
26.11.14 Jolie princesse - Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Pretty princess – Ohrid – Macedonia
26.11.14 Jolie princesse- Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Pretty princess – Ohrid – Macedonia
26.11.14 Princesse - Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Princess – Ohrid – Macedonia
26.11.14 Jolie princesse- Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Pretty princess – Ohrid – Macedonia
26.11.14 Ohrid - Macédoine
26.11.14 Ohrid – Macedonia
28.11.14 Église saint John - Ohrid - Macédoine
28.11.14 Saint John church – Ohrid – Macedonia
29.11.14 Drapeau Macédonien (promis, il n'y a pas de désaturation partielle) Rezen - Macédoine
29.11.14 Macedonian flag (promised, there is no partial desaturation) Rezen – Macedonia

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