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So much expected (and unexpected) Japan

Japan was the must-see destination of our trip. We can’t wait to dive in this so fascinating and far universe. And the Japanese culture is as wide and unique as what we expected.

First, the roads in Japan are well maintained and safe : drivers are very desciplined. Going fast is not their main goal. That said, however people take his time on the road, there is no question to arrive late at an appointment. That is what you should strongly avoid, as well as eating while walking or blowing your nose in public. Arriving on time in Japan means arriving earlier. Being there at the agreed time is already being late…

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à la une-400 jours - James WS - Corée du sud (6 sur 28)

Feeling like home in South Korea

OK, so, South Korea, what does it look like?

Take an unsharpened pencil and draw a tiny peninsula hanging from the right side of China. Divide it into two units. The north side good friend with Russia. The other, good friend with America. You add nice green mountains, not so high. You draw some oaks, cherry trees, red pines and traditional houses full of coquetry, especially on its roofs.

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400 jours - Van's - Malaisie (1 sur 1)

Malaysia and Singapore : the great Brompton family! (or how we became superstars)

Thanks to the great family composed by Malaysian and Singaporean Brompton community, we met more new people within few days than so far, after 200 days of travel!

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fond léger

Thailand, a paradise for bike touring

From Kunming (China), we flew to Bangkok to solve a technical problem : Anthony’s Shimano hub broke on Chinese roads because of… overweighting and an occasional use of the Brompton as a 4×4 added to normal wearing.

When we arrived in Bangkok, we immediately suffered from the ambient stifling moisture. On human terms, we went back into a particularly warm world. A soothing warmth this time.

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400jours - Chine - Lijiang (10 sur 14)

China : Fed up, well fed

As you might guess in the title, this article will talk about the numerous difficulties that we encountered in China and about the amazing Chinese cuisine!

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400 jours - Népal - Kulekanie - Hétauda (22 sur 32)

Nepal, a big jump into another world

Istanbul-Katmandu. From the gates of Asia to the heart of the continent.

It is a tough blow. Jet lag. Climate and cultural shock. First big jump since the beginning of the trip. We truly regret the comfort of discovering a new culture, little by little, on the road.

We stop 30 minutes in front of the airport to fix the parts we took off for the flight and reinflate our tyres. In few seconds, about 20 nepalese guys arrive, surround us and stare at us. First « white watching »* experience. Some people talked us about this funny attraction of the Asiatics on western people. For the first time, people is watching us not only for our weird bicycles but for our weird faces.

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400 jours -  départ Bircan - plus clair (1 sur 1)

Turkey, polar cold and human heat

(December, 23th – January 14th)

We got Turkey the day before Christmas. We celebrated it next to Marmaris, wildly, by the fire.

Fortunately, Cuisin’situ was here to make this day more special than other.

We experienced first big cold on the Turkish roads. Snow, front north wind, iced roads, iced water in the bottles. By contrast, an incredible human heat cheered us up all along the way.

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